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120 Channels Only $29.99! (Including HD programming & Local Channels)

High-Speed Internet Starting at only $19.99 a Month!

FREE Upgrade to HD/DVR Receivers!

FREE Next Day Installation!

Planet Earth Satellite

We offer the lowest prices available for TV & High-Speed Internet service in the country!

Are you tired of missing out on the TV shows everyone is talking about? Are you bored because downloading data takes hours? Satellite TV and high speed internet has never been easier and inexpensive to obtain. Planet Earth Satellite has provided nationwide high speed internet services for more than 15 years. If you would like more information regarding our internet or satellite TV services, call us today at 800-363-6016.

We provide the following services:

Our technicians can properly install your new system!

In addition to our great satellite TV deals, we also offer free next-day installation, in addition to free upgrades to HD and DVR receivers. You can record your favorite HD shows to watch at your convenience. Watch the programs your family cares about and record, pause, or play them whenever you want. You never have to miss your favorite episodes again!

No matter where you live, you can enjoy Planet Earth Satellite services throughout your home or business. Our satellite TV and high speed internet is available nationwide. You can have entertainment and a high speed connection at your fingertips wherever you live!

Affordable Satellite TV and High Speed Internet

We offer monthly programming of 120 channels, including HD programming and local channels, for only $29.99. In addition, when you bundle satellite TV with high speed internet, you can save even more! There is no excuse for having slow, boring service when you can have Planet Earth Satellite.

Our services are affordable and can keep your family up to speed on the latest news and entertainment. Don’t fall behind on the world around you. Planet Earth Satellite can provide you with everything you need to stay informed about current events and pop culture. Contact us at 800-363-6016 today to learn more about packages and money-saving deals with Planet Earth Satellite.

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